Handheld XRF Machine Niton XL2 980 Goldd

Handheld XRF Machine Niton XL2 980 Goldd
Product Description

 Handheld XRF Machine Niton XL2 100G

The performance-leading Thermo ScientificTMNitonTM XL2 GOLDD analyzer offers premierperformance and advanced electronics whilemaintaining the point-and-shoot simplicity thatis the hallmark of all of our x-ray fluorescence(XRF) instruments. With our groundbreakingGOLDD™ technology, your analyticalcapabilities are taken to a whole new level.The direct benefits to you include: real-timeresults, light element analysis, and advancedperformance in our value package.The Niton XL2 GOLDD analyzer also includes astandard integrated camera to ensure accuratepositioning on the area of interest to captureand store an image for review or inclusionin reports.Ergonomically designed and featuringdaylight-readable icons, the Niton XL2 GOLDDincorporates customizable menus, multiplelanguage options, and a standard analyticalrange of up to 30 elements from magnesiumto uranium. Sealed against moisture and dustwith 100% embedded software tools, theseanalyzers are lightweight yet ruggedly built towithstand the harshest environments – in thefield or on the shop floor.

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