CNC And Manual Roundness Tester

CNC And Manual Roundness Tester
CNC And Manual Roundness Tester
Product Description


Detection Range/ Measuring Force

30 -100 mN

Stylus Shape

1.6 mm carbide ball

Stylus Leength

53 mm

Measuring System


Measuring Range

+- 1000, +- 200 micron

Display (Color Monitor)

15 inch (LCD)

 Additional Information:

  • Measuring range: Max. Measuring dia: 300mm, Left/Right feed(R-axis): 170mm. Up/Down (Z-axis): 300mm (High-column:500mm), Max.load diameter: 580mm, Max.measuring height: Outer diameter/ID: 300mm(High-column: /500mm).
  • Rotation accuracy: (JIS B 7451-1997) Radius direction: (0.02+4R/10000)m
  • Straightness accuracy: Up/down direction Z-axis:0.12m/100mm, 0.2m/290mm, Radius accuracy: 0.8m/150mm
  • Parallelism accuracy: Z-axis: 0.8m/290mm (High-column: 1.8m/400mm), Radius direction: 1m/150mm
  • Indication accuracy : (2+L/170) m L: Drive Distance
  • Rotation Speed: q-axis: 2-10/min
  • Auto stop Accuracy: Z-axis/R-axis: 5m.

Rotation table:

  • Outer diameter: 220mm.
  • Load: 30kg,
  • Adjustment range centering/tilting: 2mm/1


  • Detection range/Measuring force: 30-100mN,
  • Stylus shape: 1.6mm carbide ball,
  • Stylus length: 53mm
  • Filter type: Gaussian/2RC.
  • Cutoff values : Rotation direction: 15,50,150,500,1500 peaks/rotation, Rectilinear direction: 0.025,0.08,0.25,0.8,2.5,8 mm
  • Measuring range: 1000m, 200m
  • Roundness evaluation of profile error: MZC, LSC, MIC, MCC, NC, Multi.

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